2021 VIP

2021 VIP

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2021 Elite Mentorship VIP

2021 Anthropos VIP
Stand Tall in 2021, the Year of the Anthropos

As the year 2020 draws to a close, now is a perfect time to become an Anthropos VIP for 2021 and begin the New Year with Supernatural Support to meet and exceed the challenges before us, Enacting with That which is Here on Behalf of Life.

Extraordinary Times Call Forth Extraordinary Support. We are not in this alone.
Why Become an Anthropos VIP for 2021?

Here are just a few of the many 2021 Anthropos VIP Benefits:

  • 2021 Anthropos VIP Membership automatically enrolls you in the MahaVidya Sangha.
  • Inclusion on The Alchemist’s Personal Prayer List that is placed on his altars with the Devi, Bhairavi.
  • Updated Maha OneJozef Ministry, Vidya OneJozef Steps, and Prajnaparamita Vajrasattva Practice.
  • Discounts on 2021 Elite Mentorship Webinars and Events.
    • New for 2021: Maha Infusion Webinars and Vidya Enlightenment Teaching Webinars
  • Priority scheduling throughout the year for God App Consultations, Consultations for Health-Related Concerns, and Divine Distant Sessions with The Alchemist. Limited availability – register today.
  • Exclusive access to The Alchemist’s cutting-edge True Instruments of Power, including MahaVidya Divine Practices.
  • To be offered when it is appropriate to meet in person again: 
    • Private group Q and A sessions and benefits, invitations to private gatherings, exclusive hands-on techniques, preferred seating, and customized, hand-selected products chosen especially for the Anthropos - with special member-only pricing.
    • Priority scheduling for In-Person MahaVidya Healings and Consultations being offered at 2021 Events. Limited spaces are available, so register now to guarantee your spot at the next event.
  • Be part of the Alchemical Inner Circle.
  • Receive Support and Prophetic Insight as a 2021 Anthropos VIP that is tailored specifically to the Extraordinary Paradigm Shift occurring at this time.

These are but a few of the many Benefits of 2021 Anthropos VIP Membership too numerous to list here.

The REAL VIPs were offered an Extraordinary Evolutionary Advancement in 2020. 2021 will continue this new trajectory that goes Above and Beyond what is known here on Earth at this time. 

In 2021, Anthropos VIPS who sign up for the complete 2021 Event Calendar* will be included in an exclusive monthly Web Call with The Alchemist. Receive all of the updates for - and deeper points of clarification on - the material covered that month.

Don't miss a single month of this precious information that will not be shared anywhere else. Get started with your Anthropos VIP and 2021 Event Registration today!


How does one qualify to become a 2021 Anthropos VIP?


There are a few guidelines for 2021:

Be in Good Standing with the Business Office. This includes:

  • Any payment plan is current (all payments are up to date and continue to be so).
  • Any outstanding invoices from 2020 have been paid in full.
  • Any outstanding invoices from past years have been paid in full by December 31, 2020.

Be in Good Standing with the MahaVidya Sangha. This includes:    

  • Upholding the Anthropos Honor Code.
  • In 2020, the VIP member was abiding by the 2020 Elite Mentorship Liability Release and Terms of Attendance and the 2020 Elite Mentorship In-Person Covid Agreement (where applicable).
  • In 2021, the VIP member continues to abide by the 2021 Elite Mentorship Liability Release and Terms of Attendance and the 2021 Elite Mentorship In-Person Covid Agreement.

What an Anthropos VIP is and isn't:

  • A person's personal accountability, responsibility, common sense, reason, and logic vs. The Alchemist's Spiritual Council and Guidance for Spirit Matters Only. 
  • It is NOT about the physical: making parking tickets go away, getting our taxes paid, and any day-to-day activity.
  • Being a VIP is about the Spirit, the Eternal Nature of our True Self.