The Sacred Body of the Anthropos Divine Deliverance Remote Session

The Sacred Body of the Anthropos Divine Deliverance Remote Session

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As we enter the End Zone of the tumultuous Kali Yuga period, we are presented with the opportunity for Seekers of Truth and Disciples of Knowledge to Awaken towards True Enlightenment.

In our evolution toward Higher States of Consciousness, it is of the utmost importance that we include our physical and energetic biology.

Often these aspects are ignored and left to their own vices without understanding that our Consciousness resides within them. They function as our vehicle of consciousness, which contains vital components.

As we have discussed and outlined in our Gates Energy System teachings, one of these components is the solar connector (plexus) which acts as the engine for the vehicle of consciousness. If the energy (fuel) found in the solar connector becomes displaced, we lose touch with the higher and grounded aspects of self and the dimensional planes we simultaneously exist in. This engine is a very powerful solar circuit that is connected to the Aeonic Galactic Core.
Due to the antithetical conditions and involutionary forces on earth, we encounter and experience harms and damages that cause the energy from the Solar Connector to rise into our lungs/heart region. Once there, the solar energy will continue its ascent upwards into the head/brain region.

Take a moment to think about what you hold in your lungs/heart centers (grief, pain, etc.), then mix that with the burdens, worry, and stress of the brain/mind.

The Power that should exclusively reside in your Solar Bridge is getting pulled up and out of its Seat of Power. The “Instinct” and “Knowing” impulses, which are part and parcel of that Power, is now lost to the grief, pain, worry, and stress which will now play out in our conscious mental reality.

In addition, when we leave our Solar Connector (digestive system) unprotected, we enact a specific survival program. This program impacts the endocrine system, which may remain in the "on" position and create further health issues. As these issues congeal and take hold, we will begin to emotionally isolate and physically insulate (weight gain). 

If you find that you are struggling to re-establish these Powers and/or your Energy Tracks (system flow) have been damaged, please schedule an The Sacred Body of the Anthropos Divine Deliverance Remote Session. This session will assist in re-establishing the original Anthrosophic Powers and Pathways via a Sacred Medicine infusion of Aeonic Golden Chi. Once the Flow of Energy and Tracks have been reset, you will find it much easier to restore the correct Flow and Power to each Gate.  

These Gates must be in play for a safe and sane Path towards Enlightenment. The correct utilization of your Power and Will shifts any negative energy pattern within you. And as such, the Micro shifts the Macro.

– Jozef, Battle for Sanity 

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