Health Concerns Drain Dampness

Health Concerns Drain Dampness

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Therapeutic Actions

  1. Diuretic, diaphoretic.
  2. Primary indications are edema, difficulty in urination, sensation of heaviness.
  3. Secondary considerations are thirst, headaches, vomiting, foamy saliva, pulsations below the navel.
  4. In China, this formula may be used to treat chronic nephritic edema, acute gastritis, cardiac edema, ascites due to liver cirrhosis, urinary retention, scrotal hydrocele, acute enteritis with diarrhea, cholera, prostatic hypertrophy.
  5. According to Formulas and Strategies, this formula may be effective for nephritis, renal failure, ascites from liver cirrhosis, Meniere’s disease, hepatitis, gastroptosis, gastrectasis, gastroenteritis, enteritis, genitourinary infections, neurogenic bladder syndrome and hydrocele.

Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Clears stagnation of water and dampness in the body
Strengthens the spleen, releases pathogens from the exterior


Internal: 3 capsules TID, between meals
90 capsules, 750mg


Alisma rhizome* (ze xie), Poria sclerotium* (fu ling), Polyporus sclerotium* (zhu ling), Cinnamon bark* (rou gui), White Atractylodes rhizome* (bai zhu); *extract

Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (vegetable cellulose) and rice bran.

Pinyin: Modified Wu Ling San


This is an ancient formula traditionally known as Wu Ling San. While it was originally designed to address external patterns that give rise to water metabolism problems, it has evolved to include water metabolism issue from other causes as well. An accumulation of fluids produces edema, and sensations of heaviness. There may be congested fluids below the navel causing pulsations, or congestion of fluids in the lungs causing shortness of breath or coughing. Due to the excess fluids the digestive system is disrupted, which may cause vomiting and/or diarrhea

Alisma (ze xie), poria (fu ling), and polyporus (zhu ling) leach dampness and promote urination. Together they help drain heat from the bladder. In addition, poria and white atractylodes (bai zhu) strengthen the spleen, which aids in the transformation and transportation of fluids. Cinnamon bark (rou gui) assists the bladder in discharging urine and dispels pathogens from the exterior. Cinnamon bark also warms the gate of vitality, which, in turn, helps the spleen qi regulate dampness.

Clinical Notes

This is an excellent formula for temporary edema such as found during jet travel if taken a few days before, during, and after the flight.

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