NanoVi EG3, Single 15 minute Session
NanoVi EG3, Single 15 minute Session
NanoVi EG3, Single 15 minute Session
NanoVi EG3, Single 15 minute Session
NanoVi EG3, Single 15 minute Session

NanoVi EG3, Single 15 minute Session

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Introduction to NanoVi

NanoVi is a non-invasive technology that creates a bio-identical signature to counteract the negative effect of free radicals, or negative reactive oxygen species (ROS). It produces the exact same signal a healthy body does naturally to initiate free radical damage repair.

As a more sophisticated form of oxygen therapy, NanoVi is the first and only device to emit a verifiable ROS-specific signal without the creation or use of harmful ROS.


Benefits NanoVi

Benefits of NanoVi treatments include improvements in circulation, wound healing, and overall repair and regeneration of healthy tissue functioning. NanoVi sessions increase vitality and can be a great therapy to use alongside other regenerative treatments.

Thanks to the cellular damage repair and improvement in how well your body heals itself from stress, NanoVi is great to fight against the effects of aging and maintain function and health.

For those looking to recover faster from sports and recreation like hiking, biking, or other endurance activities, NanoVi can improve recovery and repair by addressing free radical damage.


NanoVi sessions:

  • Improve your body’s response to free radical damage
  • Balance your immune function
  • Improve energy production and detoxification

How NanoVi Works

Oxygen is essential to the chemical process of cell energy production, but this process also produces reactive oxygen species (ROS). For the most part, ROS can cause damage as free radicals, but they also function as signaling molecules or ‘secondary messengers’.

Over the last 15 years, scientists have confirmed these secondary messengers are essential in triggering certain types of cellular repair. A single DNA, for example, is damaged more than 700,000 times per day and needs to be repaired as fast as possible. If it is unable to keep up with the damage repair, DNA and cellular changes can occur, often leading to disease and dysfunction.

NanoVi bio-identical signaling technology relies on a ROS-specific signal to influence cellular repair mechanisms and consequently protect and improve cellular activity. Helping initiate the body’s natural repair mechanisms improves cellular activity and the spectrum of free radical-damaged cellular functions is addressed.

To create a signal that is bio-identical to what our bodies make, NanoVi creates a specific electromagnetic wave in the near-infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that has the same wavelength as ‘good’ (excited) ROS produced in our cells.

During NanoVi treatments, clients simply breathe in the NanoVi device’s humidified air stream. The humidity transfers the signal to the body and, like many diagnostic or therapeutic signals, these signals immediately cascade throughout the entire body.

Be sure to pick up a Nasal Cannula for best practice and optimal receptivity. Available on EMS! 

Scheduling will be on site at the Event location.

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