Slimming Coin

Slimming Coin

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The Slimming Coin

The Slimming Coin uses the same technology as the successful EMF Health Card. The patented technology (a special metal interior) in the Slimming Coin creates a quantum field. This field is specifically “tuned” so that you have less need for sugars, thus contributing to your fat burning even more!

Lose weight without the struggle? Is that possible?


If you have struggled to overcome your sugar cravings then the Slimming Coin is for you. Many Slimming Coin users experience, to their great relief, that their inner struggle just disappears. It is like they no longer feel the “need” to eat sugary products, thus making it easy to skip these unhealthy carbs.

How does the Slimming Coin work?

The patented technology (a special metal interior) in the Slimming Coin creates an energetic field. The "frequencies" that the coin emits have been specifically “tuned” by a team of doctors and scientists and therefore can contribute to reduced cravings for sweets and improved fat burning.

Facts about the Slimming Coin

  • The Slimming Coin is made of 100% natural earth materials without artificial electronics.

  • The exterior of the Coin is made of Tin, of which there are no known allergic reactions.

  • The metal interior also contains high frequency Bismuth.

  • The Slimming Coin’s main effect is to lessen your desire for sugar and sweets.

  • Weight loss, dieting or lifestyle changes happen naturally.

  • It takes approximately 3 three weeks to experience the full effect of the coin. The body needs to adjust to the new frequencies during this period.